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Working with partner institutions, mentor-leaders, NSLI aims to connect Scholars with untapped, impactful educational opportunities, inspiring mentors and challenging real-world projects.



The NSLI approach:

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Cultural Immersion

Masters Level Coursework

Leadership Skill Training

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Team Projects


Mentorships & Follow-on Support

Cultural Immersion

A hallmark of our program is cultural immersion. In order to appreciate the similarities and differences within the Nordics, we visit at least two Nordic countries.  Click here to learn more about the NSLI Journey. 

Masters Level Coursework

NSLI partners with several Nordic universities and agencies to provide scholars with relevant leadership for sustainability coursework, projects and programs.


Leadership Training

The program trains the next generation of American leaders with Nordic perspectives. NSLI recognizes that leadership is a participatory act and takes practice. The program features small group learning with close peer work, and unique and potent trainings outside of the Academy with experts from a variety of fields. 

Team Projects

Together with Nordic peers, Scholars work in groups to solve real-world problems. Projects vary in length and complexity, with flexible Scholar groupings fostering both leadership and collaboration.

Internships/Mentorships & Follow-on Support

Through our Nordic partners, Scholars are paired with business, government and academic institutions whose ongoing work in the four main topic areas of human health science and policy; sustainability and natural resource stewardship; artificial intelligence, smart cities and inclusive innovation; democracy, pluralism and
gender equity, offer opportunities for training and education.

Successful candidates show achievements and personal qualities consistent with the NSLI mission, and respond to a call to service and leadership.  

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