The NSLI program is a one-year leadership education journey through the five Nordic countries with university anchoring institutions in Norway and Sweden. Educationally, we move toward a new type of leadership drawing on theory and practice from Nordic instructors, mentors and peers. Our work is collaborative, as exemplified by the very institutions with whom we collaborate: the Nordic 5 Tech is an affiliated group of universities working together to grant degrees across their campuses, with leadership trainings designed to challenge and inspire scholars to develop their own leadership style.


Scholars immerse themselves in the similar yet different cultures of five Nordic countries over the course of our one-year program. The Nordic scholars program is for those dedicated to a career in leadership; those whose open-minded nature, original thinking and insatiable curiosity call them to service and to NSLI. NSLI leverages the deep investments the Nordic countries have made in their institutions with core values of inclusive innovation, sustainable development, human-aware AI and technology, collaborative and representative policy and environmental conservation. Our Scholars are immersed in and work on projects with Nordic institutions whose work is cutting-edge in each of these areas.


Iceland: The Journey Begins

We start our learning journey in Iceland, with a two-week Basecamp. We get to know each other and begin our exploration of the Nordics and Nordic ways of thinking.  Discovering more in the Land of Fire and Ice.


Norway: Coursework, Group Projects, Leadership Skills Trainings, Community Immersion

Through our partnerships with Norwegian universities and businesses, scholars experience multiple approaches to collaborative leadership. We learn about Circular Economies, Sustainable Development and Group Process.

Finland: Innovation, Ethical AI and Education

Our journey continues to Finland where we explore Helsinki, learn about Finland’s startup culture and attend SLUSH, the premier innovation conference in the region. 

Denmark: Sustainable Denmark--Challenges & Solutions

Examining local examples such as renewable energy, waste management, sustainable food systems, scholars learn about Danish approaches to sustainable development. We explore key societal challenges and themes, as well as strategies for promoting a more sustainable future.

Sweden: Innovation, Human Centered Design, Policy, Mentoring, Internships and Capstone Presentations

Spring semester offers scholars policy coursework and topic specific group projects. Our Partners, RI.SE and Swedish Institute provide scholars with meaningful business and policy interactions. Capstone presentations are a chance for scholars to showcase their work and new perspectives.