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Nordic Scholars are the next generation of leaders — high-caliber individuals with open minds and limitless potential — a network of leaders who realize that inclusive innovation, human-centered thinking, sustainable development and collaborative and representative policy are the way to be change agents for the future.

Nordic Scholars exhibit a history of excellence, commitment and courage. They show strong academic aptitude and intellectual ability, leadership potential, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to anticipate and act on emerging trends and opportunities. They are called to leadership and service, display exemplary character, and a strong desire to understand other cultures, perspectives and positions.

All qualified candidates will have successfully completed their undergraduate degrees prior to enrollment in the Nordic Scholars Leadership Institute.

Upon completion of the Program, Nordic Scholars emerge with:


  • The tools to succeed as leaders for sustainability

  • An expanded world view and an integrated awareness of Nordic culture

  • A transatlantic professional network

  • Lifelong connections to the Nordic Scholars network 

  • Alumni programs and the opportunity to fast-track careers

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