For A Brighter Tomorrow

We believe the world needs to equip its future leaders with the skills to succeed in complex circumstances, the ability to expand trust and opportunity, and the vision to serve as stewards of the planet.


The leaders of the future will:

  • Collaborate with others, including those with different backgrounds and expertise.

  • Create expansive networks for professional development and amplified impacts.

  • Understand drivers of change across inter-related topics: the global expansion of data, information and automation; natural resource constraints; human health science and strategies; the need to balance interests in national, regional and global policy contexts.


Our intentional and multi-faceted program accelerates Nordic-inspired leadership development, building on past experiences of educational exchange, policy engagement and innovation ecosystem development.

Together, our regions hold enormous potential for positive global leadership.

NSLI builds a new pathway to nurture leaders, by bringing extraordinary young American Scholars to the Nordics. The Nordic countries have spent the last century investing and experimenting to answer some of the toughest questions we all face. The results of their efforts are there for all to see.



Tomorrow's Leaders

For our inaugural class of Nordic Scholars, NSLI seeks high-performing recent US college graduates who are called to service and leadership. Willing to think outside the box, looking for innovation, inspired to solve global challenges--you are the future.


To Tackle Global Challenges

Nordic Scholars Leadership Institute is a US non-profit organization providing a highly-selective,
one-year leadership training program in the
Nordics, to equip the next generation of leaders with the tools to solve complex global challenges of tomorrow.